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The primary focus on Now Faith Cometh is on the application of God's word for the healing of all three parts of man. How do you apply "now faith"?  It's easy. Just speak the scriptures daily that are related to the area where healing is desired. When you do this faith is being "activated" which alerts the entire being (spirit, mind and body) to work together for healing

In addition to biblical principles of faith, this site is designed to give a wholistic awareness of the medical, physical and emotional components of the entire being and how all three should be considered for wholeness.

Activating Now Faith . . . A True Experience

"Small adjustments lead to great change."

Even though I was diagnosed in early childhood with asthma, my mother never told me what I wasn't able to do. She used the power of faith activation to affirm that her child was not limited by what was said.  By the age of nine I was no longer on medication and I continued to thrive as a normal adolescent and adult.

I firmly believe that not rehearsing the negatives (the restrictions) and focusing on celebrating the continual individual achievements lead to progress in healing. It is not only important to follow doctor's orders, but to examine the spiritual, mental and emotions that also affect our health. When the mind and spirit are positively engaged in the physical state of the body, healing and wholeness takes place.

This perspective has caused me to diligently strive to the main purpose of "Now Faith", which is to inform and teach practical application of God's word specifically in the area of healing.

I am a graduate of Beulah Heights University with a Masters in Biblical Studies. Sharing Now Faith and is a way by which to encourage others to believe that God wants us to be well, healed and whole in each area of our lives.

Corlissa Sullen

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